Bonus aunts/uncles. My kids have gobs of them, and even a few Bonus Grandmas. My son’s first Christmas, my mother in law asked for gift ideas, so I gave her a list of like 8 or 9 things, thinking she could pick the item that matched what her budget was. She bought everything on the list. It was a disaster.
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“Toying” with prey is a common behavior in feline hunters...However, once a cat learns that knocking something to the floor will bring humans on the double-quick, she may actually do it on purpose to get your attention, particularly if she feels that a meal is long overdue.

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What’s fucking annoying as hell is when it happens to a fat person. I’m big as a goddamned house, and people will bump me or hit me with their shit as they walk past and be all, “Sorry, I didn’t see you!” What the fuck, I’m five and a half feet tall and weigh almost 300 pounds, go to the goddamned doctor, you’re going… » 4/02/15 11:47am 4/02/15 11:47am